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bethany3 Bethany Landing is an experienced development and production professional, with a background in documentary television, commercials, industrials, marketing, live events, animation and broadcast journalism. She is a seasoned producer with proven results through higher ratings, increased web presence and critical awards. Strengths include communication, leadership, organization and a willingness to work hard to get any job done. BLP_logo_150x150
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  • Senior Producer, Real Steals, TNT, 2013
  • Senior Producer, Hardcore Pawn, truTV, 2012-2013
  • Senior Producer, Bait Car (LA, ATL, SF), truTV, 2009-2012
  • Senior Producer, Lauren Frances Show, OWN, 2010
  • Producer, Fashion Fakeover, Style Network, 2010
  • Senior Producer, Private Chefs Bev Hills, Food Network 2009-2010
  • Supervising Producer, Chefs in the City (Pilot), Food Network, 2009
  • Producer, Spoofed, MTV, 2008–2009
  • EP/Director, Cherry Bomb, OUTtv, X Seasons
  • Sup. Producer/Director, Players Parking Only, Fox Sports, 2007
  • Senior Producer, Overhaulin’, TLC, Seasons 3-4
  • Producer, Overhaulin’, TLC, Season 2
  • Prod. Coordinator, Who’s Your Daddy?, Fox, 2005
  • Prod. Coordinator, Your Face or Mine, MTV, 2004

  • Co-Producer/Prod. Sup., Fly Like Mercury, Johnny Plastic Prod
  • Line Producer, Short Fencing Ms. Morality, Dir. Gardner Grady
  • Line Producer, Guangzhu Express, Dir. Jess Hill
  • Unit Production Manager, No Rules, No Rules Prod. LLC
  • Line/Co-Producer, Secrets of the Lost City, Secrets Prod. LLC
  • Production Coordinator, Lost in Plainview, Plainview Partners
  • Assoc. Producer, The Pickets, Cinevative Prod.

  • Producer, Advocate Radiology, BLP Inc.
  • Producer, OnRad, BLP Inc.
  • Producer, Foundations Recovery Network, Response Shop
  • Producer, Dormeo, Raymond Ent. Direct
  • Producer, AbRocket, Raymond Ent. Direct
  • Producer, AARP Senior Campaign, Auster Productions
  • Producer, Surgical Trust.com, World Wide Films
  • Producer, ESPN Promos, Mandt Brothers
  • Producer, Penny Lane.Org, Women In Film
  • Producer, Sinbad Legend of the Sea, Cartoon Network
  • Producer, Nestea, “Adult Swim”, Cartoon Network
  • Producer, Eureka “Bugs”, Oglesby Digital
  • Producer, Eureka “Fall Savings”, Oglesby Digital
  • Producer, United Way Mid America, Oglesby Digital
  • Producer, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan (Series of 4), Ten Adams
  • Producer, St. Mary’s Women & Children, Keller Crescent
  • Producer, St. Mary’s “Cancer Center” (Series of 5). Keller Crescent
  • Producer, St. Mary’s “Plans” (Series of 3), Keller Crescent
  • Producer, Integra Bank (Series of 3), Oglesby Digital
  • Producer, S.I.N.E. (Series of 3), Axiom Marketing
  • Producer, Casino Aztar, Keller Crescent
  • Producer, Bolla Wine, Barefoot Prods
  • Producer, Serevent, Grey Worldwide Assoc.
  • Producer, Boy Scouts of America, Nienaber Prod.
  • Producer, First Bank, Ogelsby Digital
  • Producer, Pharmacia Oncology – Patient, KFS & Associates
  • Producer, Pharmacia Oncology – Sales, KFS & Associates
  • Producer, Ellence Product Line, KFS & Associates
  • Producer, Camptosar Product Line, KFS & Associates
  • Producer, Celebrex Product Line, KFS & Associates
  • Producer, Sanofi International Sales Conf, KFS & Associates
  • Producer, Windows Academy, RH Productions
  • Producer, City College Hospitality, RH Productions

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